About Us

BALSA is the charitable fund raising arm of Battle & Langton CE School.  Our aim is to support the school by raising money which can be used to:

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

  • Provide equipment and / or experiences that will be available to and will benefit all pupils;
  • Fund education-enhancing ‘legacy’ projects which will last over time.

We achieve this by organising a number of events throughout the school year.  Typically these include:

  • Fireworks Night;
  • Discos for the children (usually twice a year);
  • Summer Fete.
We view ourselves as the custodians of the money donated to us by all of our supporters, whether parents, grandparents, carers, children, staff or members of the local community. When deciding what projects to fund, we are guided by the priorities set out in the School’s Development Plan, but aim also to reflect the views of our supporters.
Registered charity number : 1092662
About the Team:  All parents and teaching staff are welcome.  More details about the current team members can be found here.