Playground Project Proposal

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To the parents, carers and supporters of the children of Battle & Langton School

Battle & Langton PTA Playground Project – a proposal

The PTA has spent time researching how the school’s play areas might be improved. We have listened to the views of teachers and children; and have explored possibilities with equipment providers as well as neutral experts. We have identified the following priorities for improvement:

  1. Providing sheltered areas (protection from UV a priority);
  2. Providing different types of seating in both infant and junior areas;
  3. Maximising
    1. use of the space available in the infant playground;
    2. use of existing adventure playground in junior area;
  4. Providing playground stimulus in infant and junior areas;
  5. Working with the school to address maintenance issues regarding play equipment and shelters.

Our research shows that we could spend many, many thousands of pounds on equipment and landscaping! We have drawn up what we hope is a realistic plan for improvement which takes into account all the priorities highlighted by the school.


Phase 1: 2015 – 2016: Shelter, seating, some playground stimulus















est 8,000

Actual cost: £9760.

After much discussion forwards and backwards, we decided to go for a cantilever design to ensure a better flow on the playground.


Safety matta

Ann Taylor Centre after 1022












Mural painting on the wall






























Chosen by our Student Council!


  • Playground markings – designed by our Student Council!



Designed by our Student Council!


Regular cleaning and maintenance of adventure playground to ensure accessibility (to discuss with school)
Phase 1 estimated total (minimum) £12,700



Phase 2: 2016 – 2017: Zoning of infant playground to maximise space available and to create a quiet area

There are numerous possibilities for development with this area. We have looked into landscaping the whole of the bank; we have looked into removing the whole of the bank: both options are prohibitively expensive (min £25,000). So we propose the creation of a quiet space on top of the bank (plenty of scope to add bird tables etc in years to come!). We hope that decent access and demarcation of the quiet area by fencing would prevent extra damage to the slope of the bank. The school would need to repair the fencing which is currently marks the boundary between the school and Saxonwood as part of this stage of the project.

We would also like to put down low level seating at the foot of the bank (sleepers?): but the school would need to address ongoing problems regarding drainage at the foot of the bank before this could take place.



Ann Taylor Centre after 1022










est 5,000

Fullscreen capture 20112014 193248-001






  • Installation of natural dome on top of the bank, with wooden seating inside.













est 1,000
  • Fencing around quiet area (to prevent tumbles down the bank and to discourage temptation to scramble up the bank)












est 1,000












est 3,500

Tesco Grant ‘Bags of Help’ is helping us with a new outdoor classroom!

Phase 2 estimated total (minimum): £12,820


Phase 3: 2018 onwards: Provision of a substantial shelter on the upper junior playground; creation of amphitheatre style seating overlooking the lower junior playground.

The vision behind this phase of the project is to create outdoor spaces where juniors – our developing young adults – can comfortably work outside as and when their teacher decides. We know that they do not want to sit on the playground by the time they are ten years old! These spaces would also contribute significantly to the wider life of the school, offering at least some shelter and seating when the whole community comes together.

Canopy to provide cover alongside wall of offices / music room in Yr 1&2 area


Fullscreen capture 05032015 121652













  • Landscaping of grassy bank beneath current 4SA / Year 2 windows to create a staged seating space










options to be explored
Phase 3 estimated total (absolute minimum!): 23,000


Of course, we will be exploring opportunities for funding from external bodies (Biffa / Grants for Schools / Awards for all etc), and will look into possibilities of funding / sponsorship from local organisations and businesses. In addition to this, the PTA plans to use funds raised through its annual events to finance this project (as far as is practicable).

Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, email to:, or catch us on the playgrounds! All constructive comments and questions are welcome!

PTA Playground Project Committee

Emma Wilson (Chair), Jo Reeves, Airiel Booth, Becky Gasson, Karen Blank, Gemma Rogers