Where The Money Goes

Every year, BALSA gives the School money to fund ongoing projects, and at the same time we save money which we plan to spend on a significant, legacy project.

Legacy projects

In year 2014 we gave the school just over £8,000 to buy 16 laptops and a portable charging trolley.   The reasons for this are:

Laptops in the classroom

Laptops in the classroom

  • A new computer programming curriculum comes into play in 2014, requiring access to hardware that the School currently does not have;
  • The portable nature of the equipment will allow it to be used more flexibly and will use space more efficiently (the current dedicated ICT suite is to be reassigned as a classroom as part of the current £4m building project at the School).  Improvements to the accessibility of all areas of the school will ensure that all classes will readily be able to make use of the equipment;
  • Significant and widespread public sector funding cuts mean that the School cannot fund this project in any other way;
  • The School has worked hard to source laptops which offer optimum capability but also longevity.  We are working on ways to plan for a stream of funds to replace the laptops as and when necessary.


Previous legacy projects include the funding of:

  • The outdoor classroom;
  • Interactive whiteboards in each classroom;
  • The adventure playground;
  • The dedicated library for infants;
  • Start-up costs of laptops and software for the Lexia reading recovery programme;
  • The School pond.

Outdoor Classroom used  weekly by Y1.

Outdoor Classroom used weekly by Y1.

Infant Library

Infant Library

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards


Adventure Playground

Smaller projects

Over the past few years, BALSA has funded a number of smaller projects including:

  • Equipment to enable the School to become wireless;
  • Wellie Boot racks for Reception;
  • New role play cards and gardening equipment for Reception.


Project support on an annual basis

As well as funding one-off costs like those above, BALSA contributes to a number of regular events and ongoing projects at the School.  These include:

  • The teddy bear’s picnic for incoming Reception children;
  • Refreshments for Reception whilst using the outdoor classroom;
  • The junior boys’ literacy project;
  • Coach costs for Year 4s going to and from their swimming lessons;
  • All the catering for the Year 5 camp;
  • The Nurture Group;
  • The subsidising of all coach costs by one third – a significant expense!;
  • Leavers’ books for Year 6.
  • Finally, by way of saying thank you to families for their support over the years, we fund the Year 6 trip to Drusillas.