Christmas Secret Room


Friday 16th December 2016

Our ever popular festive Secrets Room will give children the chance to buy a good quality gift for one or more members of their family.  We have a variety of tasteful gifts to suit all ages and both genders!   All priced at either £2, all will be gift wrapped!

If you would like your child to participate, it’s up to you to decide:

  • how many presents your child will buy;
  • for whom they will buy;
  • how much they will spend on each gift.

Once you have made your decisions, please put the money your child is to spend in an envelope and label it clearly with:

  • your child’s name + class;
  • how much money is to be spent;
  • whom to buy for;

Please ensure that your child knows for whom they are buying a gift!

Here are an envelope examples of the possibilities: